Property Finance

We know the importance of healthy cash flow during the project cycle. Our closely accompany will be your reliable financial support.

Investment Property Loan | Development Loan | Bridging Loan | Refinancing


Investment Property Loan

Investment property loan suits for businesses which are looking to invest in both standard and specialized residential or commercial properties across New Zealand. Our specialist team has extensive experience in assessing the case and provides a fast and flexible alternative to traditional lenders.

Development Loan

Development loan is available for property development projects. We are on hand to work out the best options and structure. Interest rates and fees will depend on each project’s circumstances, so please get in touch with us to discuss. We tailor a financial solution to best suit the project.

Bridging Loan

If your business is seeking to secure a purchase before you have sold the existing property or refinanced to main bank funding, Bridging Loan is a perfect solution.


We can refinance your loans from other lenders.