Business Finance

We support New Zealand SMEs in all aspects of business activities during a transition in finance.

Term Loan | Invoice Finance


Small Business Term Loan

Eligible business owners could borrow funds to cover their related purchases and operating expenses. Whether the business is just started or trying to grow, we are committed to working with the small-medium business to find the best finance option to access the capital it needs to thrive.

Invoice Finance

Discount Invoicing is a competitive and recognized financial process, used by large commercial banks, commercial financing institutions and many other companies such as Tawa. It is one of the important tools for companies to increase their business volume, and allows company to have immediate cash flow with support from the sales receivables.

How does it work?

You and Tawa agree to a Discount Invoicing facility.


We discuss the terms of trade and we sign a Deed of Agreement setting out the process, the timetable and the costs of doing business.


Tawa sets up a bank account exclusively for your business.


Your business requests payment of the Invoice (details printed on the invoice), into this exclusive Tawa bank account.


Upon approval to lend against the value of your businesses invoice, Tawa deposits the agreed percentage (up to 80%), les the agreed administration fees. When the Debtor pays the invoiced amount into the exclusive Tawa bank account, Tawa settles the debtor amount by paying your business the outstanding amount less any interest accrued.


Your business has immediate cashflow instead of waiting for the debtor to pay you.